Ekipsan was founded in İzmir in 1978. It entered into automotive sector for the first time in 1980 when it manufactured on behalf of BMC A.Ş. BMC A.Ş. still retains its position as our main customer. Our work with Ege Endüstri A.Ş. and Ege Fren A.Ş. began on 2008 and it continues with periodical increases.

We carry on our activity at our plant founded in an area of 10.400 m2, of which 5.200 m2 is indoors, located at the address of Ankara Asfaltı Kemalpaşa which we moved to in 2000.

Ekipsan will continue its work without compromising quality thanks to its young, dynamic, eager and qualified staff and the experiences it obtained since its foundation.

Our objective is to ensure a permanent customer satisfaction through quality manufacturing and on-time delivery.


  • Planning and facility suitability that can meet serial and special manufacturing requirements.

  • Process design, bidding and quick response to sample collection requests.

  • Competitive and affordable prices for orders with low and high quantities.

  • The possibility to order complex part manufactures in low amounts.

  • Institutional, flexible & dynamic managerial staff.

  • Process design within the facility; means to design and manufacture mould & equipment. Investment power depending on the conformity of the Project.